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Welcome to Prout Funeral Home: Embracing the Essence of Green Funerals

What is a Green Funeral?

At Prout Funeral Home, we believe in honoring Earth’s precious resources while providing compassionate and personalized funeral services. We are proud to offer green funerals as a meaningful and environmentally conscious option for families seeking to reduce their ecological footprint.

Commitment to Sustainability

A green funeral, also known as an eco-friendly burial, embraces sustainable practices that minimize environmental impact. It is a beautiful way to celebrate a loved one’s life while ensuring a legacy of environmental stewardship.

How is a Green funeral different from a Natural burial?

Green funeral refers to a wide range of options or as we say, the different shades of green- this can range from opting for a sustainably sourced casket but having an embalming/ traditional burial/ etc. to a greener or no embalming and sustainable casket going into a traditional cemetery with a grave liner instead of a traditional vault or no vault/ liner at all, depending on family preference and cemetery requirements.

A natural burial is the purest form of a green funeral with no embalming, sustainably sourced and biodegradable casket (or tray) and/ or wrapped in a shroud and placed in the earth in a natural burial section or full cemetery (some traditional cemeteries now have natural burial sections).

Nurturing the Natural Circle of Life

In a green funeral, we prioritize the use of biodegradable materials, avoiding harmful substances that can damage the Earth. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of the funeral process, from choosing eco-friendly caskets or shrouds to selecting burial grounds.

Biodegradable Caskets and Shrouds

Instead of conventional coffins made from non-biodegradable materials, we offer a range of natural and eco-friendly options. Our selection includes caskets crafted from sustainably sourced wood, biodegradable, bamboo, wicker, and other organic materials. These choices allow for a gentle return to the Earth, and nurturing the cycle of life.

Resting in Harmony with Nature

We work hand in hand with dedicated natural burial grounds that embrace the principles of conservation and restoration. These serene final resting places provide a tranquil setting where loved ones can find solace and connection with the natural environment. Free from burial vaults or concrete grave liners, these sacred spaces allow for a more profound integration with the Earth.

Preserving Memories, Minimizing Impact

At Prout Funeral Home, we understand that preserving memories is a vital part of the grieving process. Our compassionate team works closely with families to ensure that green funerals meet their unique wishes and cultural traditions. We offer alternatives to traditional embalming, minimizing the use of toxic chemicals and promoting natural preservation methods.

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Choosing a green funeral not only honors the memory of your loved one but also leaves a lasting legacy of environmental stewardship for future generations. By selecting sustainable practices, you are making a positive impact on the Earth, fostering a more sustainable and compassionate world.


Embrace the Beauty of Green Funerals with Prout Funeral Home

When you choose Prout Funeral Home, you embark on a journey that combines heartfelt remembrance with a deep respect for our planet. Our family will guide you through every step, ensuring that your green funeral honors your loved one’s life while preserving the natural beauty of our Earth.

Contact us today to learn more about our green funeral services and how we can create a meaningful tribute that reflects your values and cherishes the memories of your loved one.

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