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Planning Checklist

Here is list of documents needed for the arrangement process. Whether you are preplanning for yourself or assisting a loved one, this checklist will make the process seamless.

  • Vital Statistics (including)
    • Legal Name of Funeral Recipient
    • Legal Address of Funeral Recipient
    • Social Security Number
    • Date & Place of Birth (City, State, Country)
    • Domestic Status (never married, married, divorced, widow)
    • Father’s Name
    • Mother’s Name & Maiden Name
    • Name of Person in Charge of Funeral
    • Address & Phone Numbers for Person in Charge of Funeral
    • Race
    • Hispanic Origin?  Yes or No    If yes, Country of Origin
    • Education – Highest Grade Level Completed
    • Occupation or Job Title
    • Kind of Business or Industry
    • Name & Address of Last Employer
    • Name & Phone Number of Medical Doctor
  • Veteran Information
    • Discharge Papers (DD-214)
    • Branch Rank
    • Date of Enlistment
    • Date of Discharge
    • Name(s) of war/conflict(s) toured
    • Serial Number
    • Would you want Military Honors?
  • Affiliations & Obituary Information
    • Fraternal, Service or Union Memberships
    • Special Recognitions
    • Names of Relatives (Spouse, Children, Siblings, Grand/ Great Grandchildren)
    • Previous Places of Residence
    • Previous Jobs
    • Colleges / degrees received / Year
    • Clubs or Hobbies
    • Would you like in lieu of flowers, to suggest memorial donations to any group or charity?
  • Persons to Contact (leave this list for your next of kin)
    • Children, Relatives and Friends to Notify
  • Funeral Preferences
    • Preferred Clergy/Celebrant/Religious Faith
    • Names of Pallbearers and Honorary Pallbearers
    • Preferred Music, Bible Verses or Poetry
    • Preferred Clothing or Jewelry
    • Burial / Cremation / Entombment
    • Special Instructions
  • Leave a List of the Location of Important Documents and Passwords for Your Next of Kin

You may also want to review information in our Death Notification Checklist and our Digital Afterlife Guide.

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