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NJ Prepaid Funeral Trust

New Jersey Prepaid Trust Fund

The New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund is one of the largest funeral trusts in the country. The Trust has been managed by the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association since 1981.

Your account is FDIC insured.

Your account is 100% trusted and refundable, with interest and without penalty, (except irrevocable accounts established for SSI/Medicaid eligibility).

SSI/ Medicaid will permit individuals to set aside their own funds in an irrevocable prepaid funeral arrangement without the money being counted as a resource for program eligibility purposes. In addition, money set aside is not subject to the “look back” requirements usually associated with becoming SSI/Medicaid eligible.

Preplanning and prepaying has the added benefit of relieving your family from suddenly having to make important decisions or face financial concerns at an already stressful time.

Contact us for more information about preplanning a funeral and for helpful answers to the many questions that you might have.

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