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There are many things to consider when deciding if burial is right for either you or your family, whether it is at the time of death or if you are pre-planning a funeral. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make involves choosing both the cemetery and the specific grave location within its grounds. Some people prefer a Memorial Park type of setting, where all the markers are set flat with the ground, others prefer a Traditional Cemetery with upright monuments. We will arrange to pick you up and take a tour of local cemeteries to find which one would be most comforting to you. You’ll then need to select a casket and possibly a burial vault, as many modern cemeteries require their use. At some point, and this does not have to take place right away, the decision becomes one of selecting the headstone or marker and writing the inscription. A member of our professional staff will be available should you wish to have assistance in making each of these decisions.

With our years of experience, we can help you choose the ritual, ceremony, and resting place that expresses your values, lifestyle, and fits your budget. We invite you to come to our office where we will help you craft a service that truly expresses the story of your loved one’s life.  If green or natural burial is best for you, know that Prout Funeral Home is the premier provider of Greener Funerals in Northern New Jersey.

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